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Turning something bad into something good.

2019 has been a bit of a difficult year for me and I was dealing with bad feelings for a while. I wanted to give a negative experience a positive expression and it took some time to fully understand what this means as you need to switch perspectives completely.

I was searching for some kind of meaningful and epic composition to give my idea a sound and selected a few songs for layouts to see how things come together in the edit.
It wasn’t bad but I was doubting the overall direction of it. It took me a few days to realize my mistake: I was turning something bad into something dull. This is how I felt but it wasn’t how I wanted to feel about it.

In terms of imagery, it was all about execution and adjusting the fluids, not so much about doing research. I wanted very clean colors, pure hues. The fluids made their unicorn thing, however some of them were shifting towards an orange/brownish look overtime. I usually try to avoid “dirty” or in-between values, but this started to look so Retro and 80’s with a bit of image displacement. I browsed music and record covers of that period to match this and experimented with marbling, color formations and shapes to emphasize the vintage feel this piece should trigger. The song “We were young” from PRIZM is a remake but with a commercial thing I like very much. To me, this is what makes the piece mainstream and experimental at the same time, because I can elaborate in which musical context my visuals work.

This is how DISCOTEQUE was born.
I hope you can catch the vibe!

Available in 8K, SDR and HDR.
Music licensed via themusicbed: PRIZM - We were young

Terracollage // Experimental Fluid Art and Macro Cinematography // Stock Footage // Licensing // Production // 8K // HDR

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