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DinDim | Sudipto Das | Official Music Video 2021

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Audio production:
Lyrics, Composition & Vocals: Sudipto Das
Music Production: KD
Guitar Design & Harmonica: Soumyadipta Ray
Song Recordist: Manas Bhattyacharya
Studio: Studio Inspiration
Mix & Master: Loy Chatterjee

Video production:
Video Concept, Screenplay & Direction: Sudipto Das
Video Editing & Colour: Saptarshi Chatterjee
Cast: Sudipto Das
DOP: Siddartha Chakrabartty, Rittik Chakraborty & Arijit Baidya
Video Production: Sunny Frame Work
Makeup Artists: Shaswata Debnath & Shilpa Giri
Executive Production: Jeet Das
English Subtitles: Kunal Chowdhury
Special Thanks: Antaroop Chakraborty & Ronny

DinDim original video credits:
Wallstreet Journal:
Times of Oman:
Sobre Vivência:

___________________________________________________ DinDim: The story behind

In a world where humans look for excuses to kill each other, let me introduce you to this true story of an unbelievable bond between a human and a penguin, named DinDim! A bond which didn’t have any similarity, not even the same language or lifestyle, but which had one thing in common, Love! Purest form of Love! Yes, the love which this world needs to make it a better place!

Few years back, Joao Pereira de Souza, a 71 years old part-time fisherman of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil found a little penguin lying on the rocks on a local beach. The tiny bird was covered in oil and was close to death. The old man saved the penguin's life by cleaning off the oil from its feathers and fed it fish so that this little life could regain its strength. Joao immediately fell in love with the bird and out of sheer affection, named the penguin DinDim as if it was his own child. DinDim started staying with Joao and the two gradually bonded like they were meant to happily live with each other forever!

But, suddenly after staying for 11 months, DinDim disappeared! Well, it may not be too wrong to comment, that the world seemed to come to an end for Joao! Everyone told Joao that the chapter of DinDim is over and he would never see the penguin again! Even Joao himself also started believing that DinDim would remain only as a precious memory for him to die with, because DinDim is not a human and his world belongs in the lap of nature! Well, the story didn’t end there!

After a few months, when Joao had lost almost all hope gazing at the unending waves each day hoping for DinDim’s return, on one fine morning DinDim came out of the ocean fluttering his wings! He spotted Joao on the beach and came running towards him! Since then, every year DinDim spends few months with Joao and breeds off the coast of Argentina and Chile for the rest of the year. It is believed that the bird swims up to 5,000 miles each year to comeback to the man who once saved his life at that beach!

Some may call it miracle and some may even call it stupidity, that a little bird takes up every risk in the enormity of ocean to swim 5,000 miles every year to comeback to someone who is not a penguin, but I would call it Love! I dedicate this story, which shook my spinal cord to write this song, to all the animal lovers, because I dedicatedly believe that unlike humans only a stupid, innocent animal can repay true Love!

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