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Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth (1990) *NEW VIDEO

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This was probably the only Depeche Mode song I have ever owned, but what a song! Great track to listen to driving. I used to believe that synth-pop, new wave, EBM, goth, and other alternative rock music like this hit song would dominate the 21st Century a decade later, not rap and hip hop. Were we ever in for a rude awakening!

By this time I was buying new singles on cassette as new vinyl 45s were no longer being sold in my area (except golden oldies singles that went on being sold on 45 until 1993). It was the five years or longer era of cassette singles and cassette albums for many of us since vinyl stopped being made and sold and CD player and CD singles were too damned expensive. Ironic because for many years the 45 rpm vinyl single was the cheapest form of record to purchase, cheaper than buying the album it was on (and so many albums sucked except for a few songs). This was one of my favorite cassette singles to play in my car when commuting back and forth to and from work on midnight shift (a total 90 minute drive both ways). Of course I was listening to a tape made up of cassette singles, and this was one of them.

"The Policy Of Truth" is the third single from the Depeche Mode album Violator. In the US the song peaked at #17 on the Cash Box Top 100 on October 13, 1990. Wikipedia claims the song charted at #15 on Billboard's Hot 100 in November 1990, but according to Billboard's website it never got above #35 on its weekly chart. In the UK the song reached #16.

This sounds like good musical accompaniment for a body building or, in this case, an Acroyoga video. Musically that is, not lyrically. The first half of the video stars Ashley Judd doing Acroyoga with a group and then performing a sexy calisthenics dance wearing a thong. "Healthy bodies make healthy minds." Or do they? After trying to sell us a policy on organ donations midway through, two of Ashley's characters find themselves sliding into a terminal downward spiral. At long last the lyrics have caught up to complete the second half of the video.

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