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Dance company "Space of Movement" presents "Cloud Catcher" - an interactive performance of dance and movement, created
specificaly for babies from 6 to 18 months old, and their parents.
The story follows the voyage of life from its inception until birth, from the lullabies and fairy tales, sung and told for the unborn baby by their mothers and fathers, until babies very first sensations, motions and movements, touch, awareness, playing and being.
The concept of the performance is to create a place that is warm and gentle, where babies can be as they like, were they are entertained by sound, image and touch.
Performance director, choreographer leading the dance company "Space of Movement" Laura Geraščenko:
"The sounds and music bring back the baby to the feelings and experiences in the womb. Already in the womb, the baby can recognize sounds. He hears voices of his parents, music, stories his mother reads. Even more, the baby favors the sounds and words he heard before he was born, in the womb. What we also built upon, while creating the performance, was the
babies natural state of movement - it is the way he learns of the world, and it is with great curiosity that they react to a moving, dancing person just besides them. Colours encite specific emotions, touching various surfaces transmit nervous impulses, and the motions of the babies are echoed by the dancers-actors. These things help in the physical and emotional development of the baby, in a place where they can feel safe and free. That is exactly what we seek for in "Cloud Catcher".
The performance is influenced by the studies and works by Dalija Acin Thelander (Polish director of dance performances for babies).
Production of dance company "Space of Movement"
Director of choreography: Laura Geraščenko
Scenography: Angelina Furmaniuk - Savickienė
Costume Designer: Lina Andriukonė
Music Composed by: Kristijonas Lučinskas
Duration: 40 min
Dancers and actors:
Elinga Serapinaitė
Kamilė Andriuškaitė/ Miranda Šakienė
Eiva Dobilaitė/ Marija Untulytė
Kristupas Biržietis / Jonas Viršilas
Ticket is for two people (baby and one of his parents).
Tickets are limited.
More about performance:

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