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Clemente Tribute 02

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Okay, I first need to apologize for the 'Premium Beat' audio watermark, but there is a story here.

This piece was created to be played during the Clemente Tribute in PNC park.
I designed it as an overview and honoring of one of the greatest ball players to ever grace the field. It was intended for people who were already familiar with Clemente's story, (since they were celebrating him) and as such, it may be a little confusing to people who aren't familiar.

If you don't know, Roberto Clemente was one of the greatest right-fielders of all time. His last hit in the major leagues was his 3,000th, and later that year, delivering relief supplies to Nicaragua, the plane he was on crashed, killing Roberto on New Year's Eve, 1972. His body was never recovered.

There are very few human beings that I respect more than Roberto Clemente. He spent his entire adult life in Major League Baseball with the Pittsburgh Pirates, but he still played winter ball in Puerto Rico, even agreeing to managing teams in the league.

Furthermore, he served in the Marine Reserves voluntarily, and regularly organized charity events. The man was destined to be an institution, and was taken from us before his full potential manifested.

This video was my effort to recognize the incredible man he was, but often artistic license needs to be curbed, particularly when honoring someone who died long before most of the people who would see the video were born.

As a result, no completed version of this video exists. I handed off the Premiere file to someone else, who overwrote the original copy on the hard drive, with entirely different music.

So all I have is this alpha version of what I created. I post it here because I still believe that this is the tribute I meant to make, and I want to preserve it.

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