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Citrus-Glazed Ghouls

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"Citrus-Glazed Ghouls" is the third solo classical guitar piece in the "Ghouls" series. Perversity only knows how many there will be. These pieces are NOT to be confused with any of my other sinister series, that pay tribute to Fiends (not friends) and other horrible beasts of the night and to the marvelous influences, much to many's dismay and chagrin, they have had on my person and my composing.

"Citrus-Glazed Ghouls" begins with an otherworldly sound pitting against one another an A Mixolydian upper voice and a F whole tone lower voice. The theme at m. 7 takes a fragment of the lower voice's main motif from the opening bars in diminution which supports the melody, constructed from fragments of the opening bars thematic material.

A tonal center converges on A or D, depending on how one interprets the piece until m. 18 where there is no doubt the tonal center is D. One could imagine a modulation from A to D if seeing the larger harmonic picture.

But mostly the piece is about the 2/3 cross-rhythms (upper voice 3, lower voice 2) for the first 17 bars. Mind you, the bars are lengthy. Then a quasi-canonic figure begins at m. 18 creating a wildly energetic counterpoint in the 32nd note figures. It's simply what Ghouls love to do.

The "Ghouls" pieces share little thematic material yet make the same sinister and haunting aura about them. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this piece as well as the other "Ghouls" pieces.

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