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CC x Visualia Srvnd

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Visualia is an ultra-experimental concept that encourages radical interdisciplinary collaborations within performance, installation, and visual art.

Prepare yourself for an eclectic swirl of illuminated landscapes, dream-like voices, real-time painting, vision-detected bacteria, and algorithmic music!


Alexander Wallin (audio) │ Brenda El Rayes (audio) │ Hara Alonso (audio) │ Away from People (audio) │ YXA (audio) │ Flor White (visual) │ Sol Sarratea (visual) │ Murilo Polese & Paulo Barcelos (visual) │ David Åhrström (visual) │ Xana (visual) │ Srvnd (audiovisual) │ Torbjörn Fernström (installation) | Daniel M Karlsson (audiovisual)

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