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Carpe Diem

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Carpe Diem ( part #1 )

My mind is all I have,
And the body does not belong to me.
I dismembered all the parts of my body,
Like dead life returning to the earth.

The heart is eaten by the lion
And the hair is taken far away by the bird.
The monkey decorated the nest with my skull,
And the rest of me melted into the soil.

I grow into a dandelion floating with the wind,
Where there is me, there will be new life.
This is a natural cycle,
Not a human-controlled energy field.

Great man,
Why do you not know your selfishness and fragility?
Because the mother of the earth
And the father of the sky always contains you.

Great man,
Do you want to conquer, possess, and control nature?
Do it.
Prove your bravery and greatness with self-righteous behavior,
But you have to pay the price.
Nature will be reborn, and you don't know where to go.

Li Kehua / Lico

Dance and Poetry - Li Kehua /李可华
Music - Jacqueline Fay
Video - Shimon Bokshtein

Thanks to :
Eldad Menuchin, Adi Halfin, Lea Gadaev Spektor, Kobi Farhi, Robin Grunoval
Mitzlol Recording Studio

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