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BUNKIER - multimedia performance fragments

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BUNKIER was a multimedia, site specific performance by contemporary dance and filmmaking group HOPLAAA, a result of a residency at Cracow’s BWA Contemporary Art Gallery. It was based on spontaneous responses to the gallery’s spaces outside the “white cube”, inspired by its’ transitional character. As part of the project multiple short videos were made and interacted with live performance and the use of VJing software.

Note from the program:

“BUNKIER. HOPLAAA. Electronics, Experiment, Performance.

Presentation of a project realized by a dance group HOPLAAA, which consists of: Anna Bubka, Barbara Bujakowska, Dominika Knapik, Luiza Macedońska, Julia Pogrebińska. Action of the group HOPLAAA, which will be presented in the BWA’s club relates to the site specific art tradition, where the meanings are defined in the context of the place. It will be a space-time play between what is “here and now and there and then” executed in the form of multimedia video-dance show with a live performance. The project was created as a result of inspiration of the transitional nature of the gallery and the curiosity to explore the physical boundaries of the “white cube”. It will be a result of series of improvisations at the back rooms of the institution in order to face the gallery and its’ specificity. In these struggles the dancers will be accompanied by a camera recording the process of space appropriation.”

Performed by HOPLAAA 30.03.2007.

Dancers: Anna Bajjou (maiden name Bubka), Dominika Knapik, Luiza Macedońska, Julia Pogrebińska, Kinga Szablowska
Additional appearance in projections: Barbara Bujakowska, Marcin Janus, Patryk Jordanowicz
Music: Katarzyna Szwed
Editing and live VJing: Anna Bajjou (maiden name Bubka)

© HOPLAAA 2007

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