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BREATHE... Open-Eye Singing Meditation

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Julia Williamson guides this short open-eye singing meditation for anxiety and stress. Singing the word BREATHE rewires new neural pathways reminding us to breathe deeply as many of us tend to hold our breath or shallow breathe in times of stress. Through the simple act of connecting with your voice and inner self, this easy singing meditation activates both left and right hemispheres of the brain, suppresses the amygdala which controls fear and anxiety and triggers feel-good neurochemicals to help you feel happier and joyful. In addition, the sound vibrations of the music and your own voice will soothe your entire nervous system.

Sing to Thrive - Liberate your voice - Fortify your immune system - Help raise the frequency of humanity.

Original Music and lyrics: Julia Williamson
Music Production: Caleb Flanders

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