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Beyond the Fear of Singing (Trailer- short version)

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A Song Without Borders Production
A Film by Michael Stillwater
Co-Produced by Doris Laesser Stillwater

In a time when more people
believe they can't sing
than believe they can....

Beyond the Fear of Singing:
Unlock Your Voice, Release Your Song

Winner, Hollywood Int'l Independent Documentary Awards (2018)
Official Selection, Switzerland International Film Festival (2018)
Official Selection, Lift-Off Online Film Festival (2019)



Improvisation by Sarah Thulé

Unconditional Love
from Unspeakable Grace, the Music of Graceful Passages
by Gary Malkin

Feels Like Home II
by Michael Stillwater and Rick Bakken

(in order of appearance)

Max Herlitschka
Nadine Diederich
Ale M. Schieber
Mark Fox
Bruce Bough
Whoopi Goldberg

"A penetrating and healing journey into the part of all of us that wants to sing--not just vocally, but to sing our soul's song on the magnificent majestic stage of life. If you have ever felt shy about showing up, this film will give you a welcome boost to your next masterful expression." - Alan Cohen, author

"Glorious- a triumph!" -Morten Lauridsen, National Medal of Arts recipient

"Magnificently drives home how important it is for people to discover the depth of their own voice in the most human terms." - Adam Huber, author

"a healing and poetically portrayed film with a message that bridges continents"
- Tema Dawn, B.C. Canada

"This film is not just about song, it is about us—our relationship to our natural ability to sing. Stillwater introduces the film with a montage of people speaking of the time they were informed that they could not sing, that their singing voice was inferior, and not to be heard. The film moves on to feature many interviewees speaking of the values and virtues of just that, singing, no matter the sad input we have received about our voice. By film’s conclusion, we hear those same voice-squelched people singing beautifully. Like his previous films, Beyond the Fear of Singing features beatific images of nature and a soundtrack of beautiful music. See this film! Sing your song!” -Don Schwartz, CineSource Magazine


Deva Premal & Miten
Jerry Jampolsky
Morten Lauridsen
Br. David Steindl-Rast
Kay Pollak
Mark Fox
Bruce Bough
Alex Shapiro
Wolfgang Bossinger
Steve Quinn
Sarah Thule
Benjamin van Haeff
Susie Ro Prater
Nick Woolsey
Helena Norbert-Hodge
Chris James
Susanne Goebel
Stephen Clift
Wolfgang Friederich
Siobhan Robinsong
Whoopi Goldberg
and many others

“Most children learn very, very quickly that they don’t have that kind of sound. They don’t have that kind of voice to compare with that. Most children just stop at some point. There’s also a sort of a ritual that happens at some time where in the school, or at home, the children are put in front of a crowd of people—their school mates, their family—where they’re asked or forced to sing a song. For many, many children—but also adults—this is like an execution.” (Singer/author Mark Fox, from the film.)

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there." - Rumi

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