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SAMUEL BECKETT, self-exiled in Paris, is paralyzed by creative and personal blocks. Summoned to Dublin for a deathbed visit by his first love ETHNA MACCARTHY, unearthed memories and emotions change Beckett forever.

90 seconds' TRANSCRIPT:
Our very contained, intimate drama opens in Paris, in winter, after Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot premieres, changing world literature. He receives a super important commission, but then, he's paralyzed: constipated, in pain, writing blocked, unhappy wife increasingly unhappy, drinking way too much… In short: a mess! His first Trinity College love ETHNA MACCARTHY, is now dying of throat cancer, and writes to summon Beckett for one last Dublin visit. “Must go, on this ‘typical’ Irish errand.”

To Dublin he flies, and through daily visits, Ethna and he revive lost intimacies and share deep effection and trust. Walks, chess, doodling, piano playing… The two come closer to understanding where things went wrong, and where some went right.

Back in Paris, Sam realizes new energies have been unlocked : female voices emerge, memories are unearthed.. He meets that big deadline and is off to London, to direct the premiere of Krapp’s Last Tape. Ethna’s spirit is present in the tense rehearsals. At dinner, his visiting American publisher proposes a toast: “This is the kind of day that makes you glad to be alive!” Beckett, raising his whiskey with a wry smile, says “Well, I wouldn’t go that far.”

AN IRISH ERRAND will go VERY far, and I hope you will join me for this beautiful ride!

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