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Asami Tachibana - Code:002 [ Darling in the Franxx ]

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At first, I thought this was some sort of rendition of the ED song. It was quite a while (a very long while) later that I realized that this song was actually a rendition of Vanquish.

I never really gave much attention to this track mainly because of how mesmerized I was with vanquish and how much I listened to that on repeat, every day, continuously. Only once I decided to find the rest of the tracks in the show, I relistened this and liked it quite a bit as well. I thought of keeping it in my SP series (yeah, so many uploads I have thought of keeping in SP but ended here lol) but again, the rendition is pretty different and does not entirely represent vanquish. Only a small part of it.

The name of this track clearly shows this is meant to be a theme of 02, but I believe most of the watchers (including me) consider vanquish to be the main theme of 02, other tracks really just pale in comparison.

The track starts off slow with piano, but really picks up at the start of violins from 0:27. One can clearly hear the second half of vanquish from 0:27 to 0:39, as well as from 0:58. I really like how they did not go completely reproducing vanquish, the track has its own pieces of composition combined with vanquish to make a really great track. I originally noticed this track in 3rd episode but actually noted it down in the 11th episode. I gotta say, the selection of this track during the 3rd episode part was really good. The scene was really amazing.

Our rating of this track : 7.5/10
Overall rating of this anime in terms of its background music : 7.5/10
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