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Animal Queendom | Heroine Journal

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• The animals chosen to be shown through this project are known to be powerful. ANIMAL QUEENDOM brings the viewer clear and direct sensations within the body while absorbing the merit to the female power and leadership.

“Humans are still fighting for equality. Society is designed to condition us to believe the male body is supreme. This narrow point of view does not offer a realistic sight onto the world - it is a mirror to the way we see everything, including animals. Think LION KING - we are introduced to the male figure as the leader of not only his pack, but the entirety of the animal kingdom. In reality, it is the female who leads, directs and protects. These fictional, flat and dry ideas of gender are being placed upon our awareness from an early age. It manipulates girls to think it is deeply difficult to become a leader, or dare I say, impossible.” - Fatma Saltwater, Producer

Most female led mammals live on the African continent and are located in Africa or are originally from there. Other animals, for example the CLOWNFISH and ORCA are living near the Indian Ocean and in European waters. The killer whale is particularly common off the coasts of Norway, however the species also inhabits the waters around Greenland and Iceland.

Females are rarely leaders of the pack in the animal kingdom. Of the 76 non-human mammal species that exhibit leadership, just a handful have females that take charge during conflict, foraging or travel.

These species fit a certain definition of leadership. They have one or more of the following traits: they are physically stronger than males, they are long-lived or spend most of their life in one area, and they form strong social bonds with other females.

Production/Creative Directress @fatmasaltwater
DoP/Video Edit @etritainment
Photography/Set Design @alexeibazdarev1
Model @aminata_s
Bodypainting / Visual Concept @mentalriots
Bodypainting Assistant @lenasseh
Make-up @ilonkasgram
Styling @fatmasaltwater
Styling Assistant @zeusinfemale
Poem @jigga_dd
Sound Design sonicscenographylabs
Song/Vocals xhale

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