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Ok new material, the past 10 days since publishing the old catalogue, I’ve written, recorded and mixed something new for you to hear. This is “All Codes Blue”. Very different from my past releases in recording quality and arrangement. I’ve learned that sound engineering is no different than mastering a new instrument. It takes a few years.

I’m not sure what I’d call the genre, it goes from classic chamber, to prog rock, to heavy Jimmy Page blues if only to make a point as the song it clearly political.
Some of you I’ve worked with in the music industry for 40 years, and I’m happy to say you’ll still recognize my voice and playing style.

This is the track I mentioned I’d started with just a bass line and built it from there. I had no idea where it would take me. The message is clearly vote blue.


Wake up in the morning and the sun feels fine, drinking it down, gonna walk the line with you.
You slipped away while I was still in bed, pedal to the metal, what’s going though your head? Americana.

Riding on the freeway listen to the news, the president lies through his interviews to you.
Chilling on the subway drinking up the wine, slowing it down and it’s just on time it’s true.

You sang alot of songs gold records on your wall, your claim to fame is fun for all, it’s true.
Show me a hero and I’ll write the songs, the bells are ringing and it won’t be long for you, Americana.


America knows all about these things, she goes for months until you want to scream.
Then the light, it fell on her, she had to change as the end was near.

Caught in the dark like a heart attack, she went cold turkey and she beat red jack.
In the betty ford clinic they were out to lunch, Cheeto too and the Brady bunch.
They found the cure and quit the booze, she saved herself, it was on the news.

All cleaned up was a funny thing, her friends were near, we liked to sing.
We laid the groove, the beat was strong, we danced all night to the trip hammer song.
We played the tune all summer long, we danced the groove to the trip hammer song.

All codes blue switch to five it’s time to launch, will we survive.

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