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Alibaba FlyZoo Hotel Interactive Art Work

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Alibaba's first futuristic FlyZoo hotel opened on December 18, 2018. This is a high-profile project that has been prepared in secrecy for over two years. Wonderlabs is proud to have been invited to participate in the project to create artistic content for the massive screen in the hotel lobby.

The enormous screen in the lobby faces the main entrance and will be the first thing arriving guests see as they enter the hotel. The challenge of this creation was how to turn the screen content design into the highlight of the entire hotel lobby, and at the same time match the lobby space design. After several days and nights of close communication with Alibaba team, the theme of " natural serenity meets technological intelligence" was chosen.

From early morning, the content of the big screen is presented in the surging waves which reflects the vitality of life. When someone passes by, the islands representing different brands of Alibaba rise up from the ocean, there are 4 islands: Tmall island, Taobao island, Flypig island and nature island.

In the afternoon, the screen content is a white waterfall, and it feels steady and calm. When someone passes by, white butterflies flutter out, bringing a sense of peace and ease.

Starry night:
When night comes, everything is mysterious and quiet. The screen becomes an abstract digital painting that constantly changes consisting of thousands of particles. The particles are like everything in our unpredictable world, they are constantly changing into infinite new forms. Whenever someone approaches the screen, the content will react and change, meaning that everyone’s experience is different which reflects that everyone in the world is unique.

The Wonderlabs team is very happy to have the opportunity to present a visually appealing public art installation. We are also very grateful to the Alibaba team’s trust and cooperation.

Client: Alibaba

Team introduction/团队介绍:
Account Director: Allen Ren
Technical Director: Chengliang Dong
Concept by: Jackie Li
3D Artist: Yann Eldin, Reeve Chen
Graphic Designer: Elaine Song
Senior Programmer: Daniel Melnykov
Backend Developer: Wenkai Fang
Project Executive: Yancan Wu
Video Shoot: Vladimir Milosevic
Video Edit: Nemanja Vicic

Special thanks/特别感谢:
And big Thanks to Alibaba for this collaboration.

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