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Accidental Wes Anderson

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Wes Anderson is probably the current film director with the more recognizable style. You don't have to watch one of his movies for more than a few seconds to know that is his.

This particular style has made millions of people love his films, and many criticize him for not leaving his comfort zone. For me, Wes can keep making this movie till the end of his life.

Wes has taken over this style, is owned by him, and many other directors seem to copy it accidentally or intentionally. And this is not a negative thing, at least not always. The great directors always take from others, the same Wes Anderson did in his evolution and learning. The problem, as I see it, is that Wes has taken over this style and any similar attempt always calls to be compared with his films.

I was inspired to make this supercut by the Accidental Wes Anderson subreddit and Paddigton 2, and started looking for other movies with Wes Anderson vibes.

I decided to take movies that have a visual style and themes similar to Wes Anderson's films. And take only movies after 2001, since it was when Wes Anderson premiered his third film, The Royal Tenenbaums, and for me, his style was consolidated. Bottle Rocket was basically his mistakes, Rushmore was his first experiment and The Royal Tenenbaums what he wanted. After that, everything is exaggeration and evolution.

I started re-watching movies that remind me of that style, while I got others films thanks to other people or lists on the internet. And I started a selection process. Many films were left out because they were pre-The Royal Tenenbaums, or because they did not have enough visual characteristics. I'm sure there were movies with greater similarities I do not use, maybe I can use them for a future video.

I'm not sure to what extent the directors of the films that I selected for this video are influenced by Wes Anderson. If their work is merely intentional, if there is some kind of influence or simply coincidence. Directors like Taika Waititi and Jason Reitman (filmmakers that I admire a lot) have their own essence and style. I selected the movies from them that remind me of Wes.

Of course this video includes especially (mostly!) Paddington footage, if we had already Paddington 3, I would have made a video only of the trilogy. But since I lacked the material, I decided to combine it with other films.

I say this because, the Paddington saga are the best Wes Anderson films not made by Wes Anderson, I say this as a compliment. Paul King clearly takes inspiration from Wes, but also takes the opportunity to develop his own vision. The story of Paddington works wonderful with this style, while films like the Longest Week taking a similar approach feels a little force. Not all movies works with this style.

And yeah, sorry about the change in the aspect ratio but It can't be helped (and Wes Anderson also did that).

I hope you enjoy the video.

Films used:

Thank You for Smoking (2005) - dir. Jason Reitman
Submarine (2010) - dir. Richard Ayoade
Paddington (2014) - dir. Paul King
St. Vincent (2014) - dir. Theodore Melfi
The Longest Week (2014) - dir. Peter Glanz
Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) - dir. Taika Waititi
Paddington 2 (2017) - dir. Paul King

Music: Jupiter And Oracle + Aboriginal Dogs by Alexandre Desplat

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