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90s Kid [audio]

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Written by Jon Mishner
Recording engineer, mixed & mastered by Zach Steele
Beat by JM

I’m a 90s kid
I’m a 90s kid
Frosted tips and a Starter jacket, that was lookin lit
I’m a 90s kid
I’m a 90s kid
Discman in the car remember when it would skip
I’m a 90s kid
I’m a 90s kid
Kenan and Kel and All That, Saturday night on Snick
I’m a 90s kid
I’m a 90s kid
Good times it feels like they went by too quick

Chillin in my Sambas drinkin an Ecto Hi-C
I’m in 2021 like it’s 1993
About to take you back in time
Over this old school beat
I remember watchin Steve Urkel on the TV
Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, DJ. And Stephanie.
I remember hearing BIG and Wu-Tang songs,
Printin lyrics out from my computer so I could rap along
Remember sittin on the bus on the way to high school
Wearing Phat Farm and Ecko thinkin damn I’m cool.
Abercrombie jacket Tommy carpenter jeans
I know a lot of yall are laughin like I know what he means
Ha.. It’s funny man, sorry, i hate to age ya
But remember gettin alerts on your sideview pager?
I remember hearin Basketcase for the first time
Bought the Green Day cassette tape from Sam Goody ha!
I remember eating handi snacks and 3D Doritos
Crystal Pepsi, push pops and rice krispy treats cereal
I remember after school goin outside to play
Gettin on my bike and just ridin it around the way
Then comin back in an hour now its time to watch some cable
Little TRL on MTV then time to set the table, uh

[Hey ma, can you pick us up from the mall? Ok we’ll meet you in front of Sears]

I remember the 90s man I remember them well
Remember Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith, in the NFL
Watchin Cal Ripken play at Memorial Stadium,
Takin baseball cards over to my friends house and tradin em.
Slap Bracelets, Beanie Babies, pogs and chain wallets
Little sister used to have a Tamagotchi and a Polly Pocket.
Uh, me and my friends were so cool
Shootin each other with Super Soakers at the pool
I remember playin Sonic on the Sega Genesis
And when the games didnt load you’d blow in the cartridges
I remember playin Goldeneye on N64
Puttin the TV on channel 98 and watchin scrambled porn
Blockbuster tapes in the VCR
Goin to Pizza Hut with good grades on my report card
I remember Home Alone, yeah, Kevin McCallister
I remember my buddy list on AOL Instant Messenger
Going to the mall, Sharper Image and Brookstone
And stoppin off for a Cinnabun before you went home.

[hey we’re gonna see Ace Ventura tonight and then go to TCBY after, wanna go?]

Take your Zippo lighter out, yeah, put it in the air
Wave it back and forth if you remember Peg Bundy’s hair.
I remember Tickle Me Elmo.. impossible to find, man,
Laugh, but if you had one you could sell it for a few grand
Remember December 31st 1999
Thinkin Y2K would be the end once all of our computers fry
Bagel Bites and Mountain Dew, Big League Chew
Had the Stussy sun visor and them Oakleys too
Adidas tearaway pants with the buttons on the side
Girls wearing velour Juicy we were all so fly
We listened to Dave Matthews, Jay-Z, Nirvana and Sublime
Counting Crows, Weezer, 311 and Third Eye Blind
I remember pay phones they cost 25 cents
And if you didnt have a quarter you would call ‘em Collect
Remember Microsoft Paint in Windows 98
And using Napster to download songs by Sugar Ray
If you ever want a throwback, play this song
Put on ‘em Birkenstocks and spray some Michael Jordan cologne

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