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52 Films - Week 36

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52 films is a learning project and self-challenge to make a short film each week for 52 weeks.
This week;
- There's a moment in Disobedience, the best gay lady film I've seen yet, where one character is experiencing intense inner turmoil. The very shallow depth of field shakes violently back and forth, burring and finding the characters eyes over and over again. It's an image that has stuck with me. It's hung around. It comes grocery shopping with me. And so, telling a dream-like storying seemed like a pretty prime moment to explore depth of field and what exactly 'out of focus' can mean.
- Shenli Zhao, I'm a fan for life. I've loved working along side her during our acting training, and I'm absolutely stoked for the day I get to shovel popcorn and watch her on the big screen. Watch out world, this woman is a tour de force.
- This song. It was an accidental find. I listened to it, felt something, and then immediately wanted to skip it and run away to an 'easier choice'. But as Lynne Ramsay says, when sound is small picture is big, when picture is big sound is small. I figured, I felt something with this song and when the story is subtle, the exposition can be big.
- This is my life right now, honestly. Not all of these stories are ripped from the headlines of my life, but I'm starting to appreciate in a really interesting way how art making filters my life experience into narratives. I am saturated in the stories I tell. My memories and my history are stuffed into every element of my work. I always say I'm not a nostalgic person, and I don't really reminisce. But I think I'm wrong. Like an existentially wary squirrel, I seem to be burying the nuts of my life (hue hue hue) all over my body of work, saving them all for some unknown winter.
- My ND filter did some interesting things... I'll claim its intentional. I was struggling to thread it, which was concerning... And then this happened. Not sure why, gunna blindly hope it doesn't happen again. We'll see!!
Onward, upward, and sometimes to the side.

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