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2022 - Music Video - They Call it Dope

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A song I found from 1979 that I updated for my current state in 2022. There's a reference to growing up in "Just say yes" but working during "Just say no" that I'm sure many of us old timers understand. D does not endorse this song in any way...

"They Call it Dope"

They say it messes up your mind, but it makes you feel fine (they call it dope)
It’s not that hard to find, if you have money you can buy (they call it dope)

I worked for corporate America for 35 long years
Didn’t smoke any weed but drank a lot of beer
The day I retired I hopped a plane and headed west
To a state where it was legal, had to get it off my chest

Actually into my chest
Or more specifically, into my lungs

Visited a friend in Olympia to help with some home repairs
Met me a Budtender who kindly showed me his wares
Early one morning I smoked some weed, started painting with a brush in each hand
Listening to Pink Floyd, one of my all time favorite bands

My friend came in and said, “Nice job!
But, we weren’t really supposed to paint THAT room…”

My wife and I went on a cruise in Alaska, bought some edibles along the way
Ate them on the train to Seward, knowing it was going to be a long day
We got to that cruise depot feeling just a little buzzed
We were the last ones on the boat, and the first ones in the hot tub

Yeah, didn’t really care where our cabin was
Didn’t really do the safety drill that day….

I grew up during “Just Say YES” - it was definitely a groovy time
Then worked hard during “Just say NO” and got drug tested all the time
Now that I’m free of the 9 to 5 and half of the states have legal weed
I hope I’m aging gracefully and haven’t gone to seed

Delta 8 may be great, and so might CBD
But for my money, I’d going THC

When I die bury me deep, put some weed beside my feet
Put some papers in my hand so I can party I’m the Holy Land...

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