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06.02.21. Three similar paintings.mp4

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1888, 1889.
Tired of the bustle and demands of Paris, and hungry for the sunny and colourful south, Vincent arrives to Arlés.

2, Place Lamartine.
The Yellow House.

A trapezoid.
A modest room with very few elements.
His first room for himself...

"The distorted lines of the perspective reflect the artist's ideas about painting."

So, to say, about himself...

The music: over the changing echoed guitar sequences, sliding pitches and wide spaces appear the bass as protagonist, in a Morriconean fashion.
The tense lines of the music and the trembling mutations of the three paintings dance together as signs of the drama that took place in that town after the arrival of Gauguin. Theatrical and banal at the same time, such as is life itself...

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