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The Ramrodder (1969) exploitation film trailer

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"The Ramrodder" (1969) is an adult western that's part nudie-cutie, part violent "roughie". Produced by an uncredited David F. Friedman and directed by Ed Forsyth under the alias Van Guylder. Notorious for its connection to Charles Manson as well as its lurid sado-masochistic whipping scene with Kathy Williams.

The movie features many scenes of R-rated sex plus nude dancing, bodypainting, skinny-dipping, abduction, lesbianism and a topless cat-fight with knives.

Filmed party at Spahn Ranch where Charles Manson's "family" lived, including Catherine Share - who plays an Indian maiden. Manson's friend Bobby Beausoleil also appears as an Indian.

In August 1969, Beausoleil was arrested for stabbing a man to death over a drug deal dispute. A few days later, Manson had his followers commit a series of "copycat" crimes (the infamous Sharon Tate & LaBianca murders) in large part to make it look like Beausoleil was innocent.

This, and another trailer, claims a major Hollywood studio backed this film but had their name kept secret. The better-than-usual quality of the cinematography, editing, music, and other details suggest that this may be true. At any rate, this was one of the last period-piece sexploitation films. By the '70s "nudies" gave way to mainstream porn and the roughie genre blended into the new wave of violent, R-rated horror shockers.

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