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HD Trailer_ The Song of Sparrows (PG) - In theaters_ April

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Karim\u00e2s life on an ostrich farm with his family in a rural village west of Tehran is turned upside down when a particulary ornery ostrich escapes his care at work and he is subsequently fired from his job.
Karim then sets off toward the thriving metropolis of Tehran, where he finds work as a motorcycle taxi driver.

Beautifully crafted, often sentimental and sometimes humorous, this moving story set among Iranian society\u00e2s underprivileged explores how capitalism and technology corrupt man, making him lose spiritual purity and his cherished connections to family, friends and nature.

Cinematography: Turaj Mansuri

Cast: Reza Naji (Karim), Hamid Aghazi (Hussein), Maryam Akbari, Kamran Dehghan


Fired from his job on an ostrich farm after one of the birds runs away and he is blamed for the loss, a man becomes so obsessed with collecting useless rubbish that he begins to neglect his wife and daughter while becoming completely oblivious to their familial hardships.

Karim earned a decent living by working on the ostrich farm, so after he is fired he sets out on a futile attempt to locate the bird.

One day, as Karim heads into town in order to have his daughter\u00e2s hearing aid repaired, he offers a lift to a wandering man and decides that there is good money in the taxi business.

But as his connection to the people of the city grows stronger, his personality begins to transform. Every day, Karim returns home with a new haul of useless junk, giving his picturesque courtyard the appearance of a sprawling junkyard.

When his wife offers a spare door from the courtyard to a neighbor in need, Karim completely looses his cool and sets out to retrieve the door.

When Karim stumbles and breaks his foot while rummaging through his second-hand goods, the kindness of neighbors makes him realize that his priorities have taken a turn for the worse. -- allmovieguide

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