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2017 Tax Declaration Lutz Mommartz

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Dear people,

I am working on a
cinematic image: 'The Transparent Man'. He lives in the 22nd century and
controls his tax declaration according to the new global principles. The state,
distributes the funds through a process in which all people are involved.

The need of time
and the expansion of the consciousness of the majority allowed and required all
people to be aware of their abilities and needs. This is the key to each
individual, who represents a new form of justice: each according to his
abilities and each according to his needs in relation to the whole. This idea
was already designed in the 19th century. However, by means of the digital data
collection of all human characteristics and personal differences, it could now
be realized against the will of the formerly powerful ones.

The fundamental
rights were to be re-sorted in their importance and ranking. Equality - as
inconspicuous as it is - now stands before all other fundamental rights. Since
they could not be made without peace, they are far from freedom, which only
takes their place behind justice.

Since I would
prefer to live in a world like this, I am waiting for the death of the present
epoch. But the appropriate film picture to me is not yet.

In 1964 I visited
my sister and her husband in Nyarushanje Uganda, where he founded an
agricultural farm in the development service of the church. I took his 8mm
camera and turned my first film: a tablecloth, which hung on the line to dry,
filling up the format. It was only when the wind blew a corner that one could see
a small piece of Africa. Such a simple film I would like again.

Now the son of my
brother-in-law for a few years in Kampala and makes development aid for
electricity from crap. Now I am still sitting in Germany in 2017 and still have
to demand that our basic law be changed before it develops globally.

Equality before the
law can only exist if every human being is transparent in his being and action
before the other people, and therefore also the state.

Lutz Mommartz

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