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Welcome to YogaSpark!

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Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Porat and I am the owner of YogaSpark. We are a hot power yoga studio with 2 locations, in New York City and Westchester, NY. If you don't know who we are, just a bit of background: all of our classes are fun, challenging, open level, set to great music and heated to about 90-95 degrees. We've been around for over 7 years serving our incredible communities.

Today is Friday, March 13th. The coronavirus has been declared a pandemic, many schools in the US are closed, and many businesses are asking employees to work from home. While our studios are still open and yogis are still making their way to class, grateful for the space we have created and continue to maintain with meticulous cleaning, we recognize that many in our community will not be able to make it to the studios in the near term - at least not with the frequency that they're accustomed to. In order to continue to support your health and well being, YogaSpark is launching this channel which we will be filling out in the coming days with a variety of classes and content from our incredible teaching staff. You'll see long flows, short flows, meditations, and other fun stuff like arm balance breakdowns and so forth, along with detailed class descriptions. We'll be posting snippets to our Instagram account, which is @yogasparkstudio, when new content is uploaded, so please continue to check there for updates, or like and subscribe here.

We recognize that, while awesome, taking class online does not replicate the experience in the hot room, with your community of like minded people. However, we know that if you're a YogaSpark regular, you've been taught over the years to find your breath, find presence and step into your power anywhere, anytime. And if you're new to yoga or to the studio, welcome! This is just a taste of what YogaSpark is about and we hope to see you in our studios when we return to normalcy.

Sending love and gratitude for the opportunity to connect with all of you!

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