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Warzone - Commercial Animation

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This project took place back in 2011, so it's old, but still one I really enjoyed working on for a number of reasons. I was given a lot of creative freedom to 'make it look cool' which is always a fun note. So based of the idea of the helicopter coming in and blasting a jeep, I kitbashed the landing gear to have the extendable claw bits (so the new meshes would already have UVs, look dev, ect), rigged them up and realised the missiles looked a bit static. So I took parts of the rotor base and gave them the ability to extend themselves. Now the launch bay claws could pull them open before firing. I thought it was cool :)

For the vehicles, I created a motion path with ground collision for the tires, and started work on my auto wheel spin script. Both tools where further developed of the next few years, as I was doing a lot of cars in commercials. I rigged the chopper, vehicles and bad guys, though the bad guys. Pretty bare bones setups, but my auto rigs were in their infancy around that time.

For the explosion, the fire/smoke was done by a FX artist, but the debris was all hand animated. For the longest time in my career, I was hand animating debris, until I worked up my own maya sim solution using ncloth that I use throughout now. This was also the most intensive use of a scene time warp up to that point. So animating over the span of 3-4 frames added to the difficultly, and baking out the scene warp was its own nightmare. Of all the debris, I like the hood flap and the piece that hits the other trucks door denting the window the most, it was little touches but I think it added to it.

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