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Victoria Fringe 2022 ASL Shows.mp4

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Victoria Fringe Festival 2022 ASL Shows

Transcript & Visual Description

Video begins with the Victoria Fringe graphic. It is mustard yellow with a bright pinkish red exclamation mark dominating the centre. “Victoria Fringe Festival 2022” crosses over the exclamation in white text, while “August 24 - Sept 4” floats between the mark and the dot. To the left in dark purple beneath a pink-purple asterisk, text says “We’re back, baby!”

Fade to Connor, a white masculine-presenting person, in front of a wood panelled wall. It is slightly 3D with vertical black gaps in between each length of wood. Connor wears a burnt orange t-shirt. He signs in ASL.

CONNOR: Welcome to the Victoria Fringe Festival!

A full length poster with similar graphics to the beginning appears to the right. New additional white text shows the website: Along the bottom are various logos.

CONNOR: There will be three shows with ASL interpretation, plus one special event called FringeKids.

The poster fades away.

CONNOR: For each show, an interpreter will be present on stage for the full duration of the performance. During the shows, Katrina from Fringe will also be available, along with the Front of House team, to offer any support for your experience.

Fade to an image of a black video cassette tape nestled in tangled strips of black film tape. A mustard yellow text box appears with black text: “By Logan Swain & Conor Farrell
Date: Friday, September 2, 7:30pm
45 mins • PG 12+: Coarse Language •
Dramedy, Storytelling, Interdisciplinary.”

Fade to Connor.

CONNOR: For centuries, weary travellers have visited the ‘Shrine of the Ouroboros’ to trade their stories for a new beginning. Now the Ouroboros must recall which memories were told to them and which are their own. What story would you tell the Ouroboros?

Fade to an image of a person wearing a felt suit in the shape of a tree. Their face is embedded in the trunk with one branch jutting out of their head, and several large green leaves. They kneel, looking directly at the camera while holding a mask painted as a feminine human face. Large text partially hidden by the tree declares “natasha mercado is... TREE.”
Text box in bottom left:
“By Natasha Mercado and Deanna Fleysher
Date: Saturday, September 3, 8pm
60 mins • PG 16+: Coarse Language, Adult Themes • Comedy, Dramedy, Physical Theatre, Clown, Improv.”

Fade to Connor.

CONNOR: An immersive comedy experience that’s part clown show, part game show, and part philosophical discussion on humanity. Tree leads ‘the forest’ through different scenarios of what it means to be truly alive. A lovable gaze into a spiralling staircase of existentialism with surprising, yet inevitable, turns.

Fade to image of a woman laying on the ground surrounded by lush green foliage and a lone yellow flower. She wears a bright blue top with pink flower patterns, a small pearl necklaces, and light makeup. Her eyes are closed as if resting.
Text box in top left:
“Title: Domesticated Disputes
By Material Theatre
Date: Tuesday, August 30, 7:30pm
55 mins • PG 16+: Adult Themes, Mature Content • Comedy, Dramedy, Music, Puppetry,
Physical Theatre, Clown.”

Fade to Connor.

CONNOR: Evelyn is a Perfect Housewife, stewing in her own repressed juices. Unconsciously frustrated by the dreary duties of domestic life, she discovers, in the course of her chores, deep, mysterious, primal urges, and struggle as she might to stay spic and span, shit gets dirty.

Fade to image of a young person with heavy clown makeup - exaggerated red lips and blushed cheeks - wearing two large flashy ribbon bows that usually are stuck on gift boxes. They speak into a microphone while holding a storybook open toward an unseen audience.
Text box in bottom right:
“FringeKids takes place at Kaleidoscope Theatre on Saturday, August 27th from 11-3pm. 613 Pandora Ave, Victoria.”

Fade to Connor.

CONNOR: Join us for a fun-filled day for young Fringers! FringeKids takes over Kaleidoscope Theatre’s indoor and outdoor spaces, offering live performance, crafting stations, fabulous face painting, and a new incarnation of the Cardboard Castle! Other activities are offered, which will be shown now.

Fade to full-size mustard yellow text box. Each listed activity is separated by a straight black line.
“Create your own story with interactive Story Dice from Amira Abdel-Malek.
Take in drag storytime from Staches & Lashes Collective. Watch Embrace Arts Foundation’s cool dance moves. Make marionettes with Ella Macqueen-Denz.
Check out SUPPLY Victoria’s reuse workshop.
Plant an intention with Yarrow Collective.”

CONNOR: A few select performances at FringeKids will be ASL interpreted. If you want full show accessibility information, and ticket booking info, and other topics, check out the website.

Text box appears in top right: “”

CONNOR: Hope to see you at the Fringe!

Fade to black text graphic against white: Victoria FRINGE Festival.

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