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Tummy Tuck BMI: Whats Ideal?

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Your personal BMI is an important factor in planning a tummy tuck (or any surgical procedure). Let's talk about why!

In this educational (AND fun!) Amelia Academy video, Jenny and Gretta explain what a BMI even is, and why it's so important to consider when planning any surgical procedure.

Ready to learn? Let's go!

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So you might be wondering,
what is the best weight to be before your surgery?
And weight for any of our surgeries really, we want you to be under what's called a
34 BMI. And a BMI is your “body mass index,”
and that is just what we found to be the safest range
for women or men to be at before having surgery.
But there is the “goal weights” too, and that's something you'll talk to you with your surgeon.
Yeah, you can just go anywhere on the internet, Google “BMI” those free calculators.
It's basically just some sort of magical equation.
In between putting in your height
and weight and it spits out this number,
and 34 like Jenny was saying (or under) is the safest not only for recovery and anesthesia,
but will maintain your results the longest.
Because we don't want you to have surgery,
and then go on to lose 50 pounds and things not be as tight or high as they were before.
So it's definitely something your surgeon will talk to you at length about during your consultation
if you're at a BMI of 34 or above. So you can still have a consultation,
but you probably won't be able to have surgery until your 34 or below.

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