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"Sunflower," written and performed by Kathryn O'Shea
From the January 9th recording session.
Recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, and filmed by Michael O'Shea.

A note about the album from Kathryn...

The album is titled January 9th.
On January 9th 2014, my dad died peacefully after a short but fierce bout with cancer.
And on January 9th 2020, I recorded 10 of my songs in a vocal booth built out of the closet I shared with him in my childhood home.
My brother, Michael recorded everything.
That day, he sat right around where he used to sit to do homework when this now recording studio was his bedroom.
My, how things have changed.

Five years ago, on April 10th, 2015, my sister-in-law lost her father too.
His diagnosis came the same week as my dad’s, but his battle was much longer.
On April 10th, 2019, things were just beginning to bloom again.
Jenni spoke of this time four years ago, and how her father told her in his last months alive that he wanted to wait to go until he saw the mountains blossom one more time.
That afternoon, I wrote the song “Dandelion”...

“Daddy said he wanted to wait to go till he saw the mountains blossom again.
Come April, Daddy made like a dandelion and he blew away in the springtime wind.”

And now, on April 10th, 2020, I’ll release my first album in honor of the dates that we find impossible to forget.
You know the ones.
Those dates that sneak up every year like semi-trucks flirting with yellow lines around a blind curve, leaving you mostly unscathed but coated in sweat.
These songs are dedicated to the semi-trucks, but mostly to the fact that you're still here.

This album is my surrender to impermanence and my olive branch to uncertainty.
This album is a set of cupped hands, hoping to squeeze together tight enough to catch rain and long enough to bring it to your lips to drink.
This album embodies approximately 124,747 shades of grief.
I couldn’t look back and tell you exactly where any of it came from, or where it went off to, for that matter.
And I couldn’t tell you how any of it looked from the outside.
Or from the inside, really.
The closest I can come is to show you these songs.

Stay safe out there, and know you’re well-loved in this heart.

Sunflower Lyrics:
Woke myself up like a sunflower today
Turned my face up to the light till the blues done fell away
Couple of good friends tell me that it’s gonna be okay
So hell, might as well believe those things they say

Cause I got power in the wires and heat in the vents
Got a job slinging tacos, but the money’s all spent
Life keeps marching forward and it ain’t always fun
Some days you get the burn, and some days you get the sun

Cause I got clothes on my body and shoes on my feet
Got a jar of wildflower honey, gooey and sweet
I woke up this morning so I might as well sing
Some days you get the honey, some days you get the sting

Cause I got food on my plate and a teabag in my cup
And hot water on the kettle’s gonna fill it on up
Never did help a damn thing going crazy
Some days you’re the dirt, but some days… some days you’re the daisy.

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