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Soul Mirror 19 Preview - Source

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"The truth and authority of who you are is not outside of you." - Astara

Here is a sneak peek into the Weekly Soul Mirror series that we offer each Monday for our Patreon subscribers. Join our special guest, Astara's cousin psychic medium Judith, in this special edition of the 19th Weekly Soul Mirror. Cousin Judy helps you surf the global energies this week with some powerful humor, wisdom and grace. Learn about the Ace of Fire encouraging us all to connect to The Source within.

By loving and accepting all of you completely – your body, your physicality, your humanness as well as your Divinity or Source energy – you become a walking permission slip of connection, empowerment and love. Being totally present in the moment and fully in your body allows for stepping out of your egoic form into awareness of Source – but it also allows you to simmer down your nervous system which is probably on the fritz right now with everyone else. Awareness brings the integration of the divine you. Your wings may feel clipped during this COVID-19 experience, yet by connecting back to Source, your divine spark can still shine forth. Amidst the chaos: shine, spread your creative wings, fly into the unknown with trust, be true to your self, act from love. This will change you and the world.

Imagine, for $7, similar to the cost of a few cups of coffee or a pot of tea per month, you can have access to your own online retreat center. Each week, in addition to our beautiful Sound Alchemy recordings and Weekly Soul Mirror videos, we will be sharing a plethora of recording snippets from different events, behind the scenes, sneak peeks, podcasts, glimpses into creative projects, and other soulful content.

Explore inner space, the most important space program.

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