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Our brief

We created an animated explainer video for SEMA (the storage equipment manufacturers association). The topic was on SEIRS (storage equipment installers registration scheme) to help to explain the process of obtaining the correct card and qualification. The aim was to make this journey easy to understand for newcomers to the qualification.

Our video

We took the route of an explainer animation to make the video easier on the eye. Filming was an option, but we’re obsessed with making videos that look awesome and frankly, filming a series of office shots sent shivers up our spines. Animation gives us much more flexibility to create visuals that would be otherwise difficult to create. Some scenarios and settings would’ve been difficult to source, caused disruption and may not have been aesthetically pleasing.

It all started with a collaborative approach on the script. SEMA knew the key aspects they wanted to get across, but turning it into a voice lead script was something that they needed support on. We were of course more than happy to help.

Once we had the script agreed we moved onto the storyboard which in this case was an animatic. An animatic is a drawn out storyboard with a temporary voiceover and movement applied. The customer found this useful as they were able to hear the animation and spot any issues within the direction and scripting before it was final.

To see more about our different types of storyboards, have a watch of this.

We often refer to the script and storyboard as our blueprint. Once those are agreed, the customer can sit back and relax whilst we get to work on the animated explainer video. We went for clean, flat and colourful graphics with some simple animated movements.

Jamie, our head of animation said "This turned out to be a fun project to work on for what could have been a dull subject. We were allowed to bring colour and appealing characters and make the video pop. The customer helped to steer the content through the scripting, storyboarding and planning and we’re pleased that they’re pleased too! It was great to team up with such a respected name in the industry.”

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