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Scandal - official trailer

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In the mid-90s, a group of friends fascinated by MTV and American rap form Mistic
Molesta as an expression of their rebellion against the grim reality of living in
Warsaw’s Ursynów district. They don't know yet that their music will change the
Polish hip-hop scene and they will become the voice of their generation. The plan is
simple: write lyrics, make beats, and have fun.
They soon release their first album – "Scandal". Their hooligan rap hits the store
shelves and immediately becomes a hit. Everyone listened to Molesta and their lyrics
became a code of moral values for young people.
But the talented kids grew up and they went their separate ways. How are they doing
on the music market and in life now? What is left of their old ideals? Did they know
that it would turn out like this?
This film brings us back to times when everything was simple and friends stuck
together like family.

Directed by Bartosz Paduch

Written and directed by Bartosz Paduch
Produced by Maciej Ostatek
Associate producer: Kacper Jaroszyński

Cinematography: Bartosz Bieniek, Krzysztof Kowalski, Grzegorz Myjkowski
Editing: Miłosz Janiec, Paweł Suchta
Video post-production: Prodigious
Post-production supervisor: Zuzanna Brzezińska Mich
Colourist: Joanna Skórka
Online: Michał Wal
Sound on set: Jarosław Sadowski
Sound designer: Kamil Sołdacki, Uchostudio

Produced by Raban Foundation
Co-produced by TVP, Mazovia Institute of Culture / Mazovia Warsaw Film Fund, Prodigious
Co-financed by Polish Film Institute, National Centre for Culture Poland, City of Warsaw, Masovian Region

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