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Rodrigo Costa - Showreel 2020

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Reel with professional work from "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2", "Mowgli", "Aladdin" and "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil"


1 - My part on the opening sequence of Guardians. I had the very first shot of a seemingly continuous 3 and a half minute long sequence. My shot is the one with the opening title, where I had to animate Baby Groot doing cute gentle acting, while the mayhem war broke loose on the background.
2 - Another long shot with Baby Groot, this time climbing a bed with his vines.
3 - A cute facial animation for Baby Groot.
4 - One of 4 shots in the "Friend Like Me" musical sequence I had the oportunity to animate. Had to full animate genie, and animate/cleanup the thieves surrounding Aladdin.
5 - Fully animated Genie expanding and shrinking while making the thieves fly!
6 - One of my acting shots on Mowgli with Bhoot the wolf. Facial and body full keyframe animation.
7 - A fun shot of Tabaqui, the hyena on Mowgli
8 - Another fun shot with Bhoot.
9 - One of my many shots I started with Baloo. In the end, other people had to update the assets and thus the animation, but this one looks just how I left it.
10 to 13 - A good chunk of the "First Wish" from Aladdin. Fully animated the Carpet, Abu and the Genie on these shots.
14 - A big shot, another one from "Friend Like Me" sequence, this one with loads of characters. Main Genie fully animated, the 4 in the far background are also fully animated. Only the 4 genies with the plates in the foreground on the second half of the shot were partially mocap cleanup, partially animated.
15 - Sad part of the reel! A longer dialogue shot with Bhoot.
16 - The last shot I animated on Aladdin.
17 - Fully animated shot on the fairies for Maleficent: The Mistress of Evil. Tricky one, as all characters are touching each other, full on body mechanics, while flying!
18 - A cool shot to show interactive body mechanics between the Red and Green fairies, and cool subtle acting on the Blue Fairy.

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