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Recovery Downtime: Avoid a Total Snoozefest!

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Play, download and edit the free video Recovery Downtime: Avoid a Total Snoozefest!.

Recovery downtime doesn't have to be boring—plan ahead with these tips and stay entertained!

In this educational (AND fun!) Amelia Academy video, Jenny and Renee give you their best tips on how to stay entertained while you're recovering from your breast or body procedure.

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Now if you don't prepare for recovery ahead of time,
you might be bored.
So we got some suggestions for you
so that you can really optimize your downtime
and one of those was Netflix, binging,
a DVR or just a movie.
I was thinking an audible book, or something.
I don’t know about a documentary, but there's plenty of audibles out there,
be it motivational or work-related or just pure enjoyment.
I mean that's what we could do.
Magazines, gotta catch up on what's happening in the social world.
Sometimes I don't know.
It's just a good opportunity to do the things you kind of want to do
but don't have the time to do
and a lot of people, I know some of my friends,
they're like, “I never have time to read a book,
I never have time to like watch this popular show on television”,
because they're living their life and they’re working.
And it’s like, well if you could slow down for a moment,
what are those things that are important to you that you don't seem to find time for?
Recovery is kind of like that optimal time for you
to like bust out them crochet needles
or I don't know whatever whatever you're in to.
For me, it was watching HGTV, no not HGTV, Food Network.
I watched the Food Network for three days straight.
I could tell you how to make a risotto, I could tell you how to make like, cornish hen.
Did you order it while you were recovering?
No. No, I had smoothies. I was boring.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah,
I think between that and I'm a talker
so I would like to call a few people and catch up, which is certainly easy to do.
I think just knowing what it is that you like, that makes you happy, would be helpful
because why you're talking or watching that
video or a movie, you could be doing your leg exercises, taking care of your leg pumps
and just making sure that you're still being healthy at the same time,
cut you know two birds with one stone.
I like that.
But um, I think it's just important to have a plan a little bit
because some people are like bored and then want to try to overdo too much and slow, steady,
you know will win the race,
but also it's important to have some down time.
I think you really have to have time to watch that movie
and to give yourself a little bit of rest too.
But know what you like and have it ready so you can treat yourself a little bit as well.

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