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Paying for a Breast Lift: Whats Best?

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It makes sense to wonder what the best way to pay for a breast lift is—we got you!

In this educational (AND fun!) Amelia Academy video, Jenny and Jess walk you through your payment options—and how to know which one might be best for you!

Ready to learn? Let's go!

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So when researching a breast lift,
you might be wondering:
How do I pay for it?
I get this question all the time.
Can I finance it?
Do I have to pay in cash?
Is it up front?
All that stuff.
All of these things.
There's so many different ways to pay for plastic surgery in general,
but for our breast lift, we take options such as financing options.
So medical financing companies, such as CareCredit and Alpheon
are third party companies, so they are companies that you'd apply for.
But usually they cover pretty much the entire procedure.
In the event that they don't,
you're welcome to split it up
however you want.
So if you want to do some medical financing,
maybe some on a credit card, get some points,
a little bit cash:
You're welcome to do that.
people split it up so many different ways, and it makes the options like endless.
I know a lot of women love that.
”Hey, I can pay this much in cash, and then I can finance the rest”
That brings them a lot of peace knowing
I don't have to 100% medically finance the whole thing
and have all those, what's it called,
Interest afterwards.
Well what's also nice too
is we have tons of patients that I will say,
”Hey, what's your interest on this credit card?”
I will openly ask
because you know,
there are other patients out there that maybe want to apply for different credit card
because they've already used Care Credit
and they might have no interests a for 15 months for 21 months.
So I usually keep those little nuggets in my back pocket. If I know that
there is a credit card out there
that has a very low or zero percent introductory rate.
So then that way I can suggest it for them.
So really what you're saying is,
you know how to slice and dice it
yo make it, really easy.
Yeah, for sure.
And you know
personal check,
cashier's check,
money order.
So many options for payment,
and what I love, is at your consultation,
you will know exactly how much everything costs
and know exactly how you can pay for it, too.

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