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Nokia AI for Logistics Game

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This is a game that shows the complexity of logistics and how the Nokia AI for Logistics software is superior to a human when it comes to knowing how to best optimize incoming and outgoing trucks to sort and deliver packages. When a user runs the game the very first time the tutorial screen shows to help teach them how to play. After the tutorial is played the default timer starts at 3 minutes. This sales tool was created and installed at Mobile World Congress in the Nokia booth as a fun way to show people how the AI will always be better at sorting, loading/unloading, and shipping out packages since it can see and handle much more data ahead of time than a user could.

The game is made in Unity and runs on windows platforms. There are 2 warehouses - The Players and the AI warehouse. Each warehouse has 8 bays, 4 incoming and 4 outgoing. Trucks drive up and unload packages which are then sorted and loaded on other trucks to go out to their destination. You can click on trucks waiting to unload and see their package manifest to best determine which ones you want to unload first. Optimization is the key to this game. The game has a timer and the goal is try and beat the AI in profits before time runs out. The more packages you can deliver the more money you'll make, however, if you send packages out before the truck is full or if any dont make it on a truck you get penalized, which reduces the profit. There are workers that man each bay and you can adjust the number of staff working from 0 to 32 at any time. You can also control how many of the workers are assigned to the incoming or outgoing bays. The more workers you have on a bay the faster they will unload or load packages. The more workers you have the higher your staffing costs will be. The entire concept of this game demonstrates to the player how complex logistics can be, but making it fun and "gamifying" for the participant.

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