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Mirror (self isolation /corona/covid19/ quarantine short f

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hey all you cool cats and kittens

Due to the current situation here in Germany I find myself just like anybody else self isolated in my home and restricted in my possibilities of doing fun stuff outside. Most of the time I cope with the current situation pretty okay. I'm not likely to suffer from the virus, I don't have any problems with mental illnesses that the lock down could worsen, my existence isn't on the verge of going to shit and so on. So all in all I'm doing super okay with whole thing.
Yet I'm not a rock and some days are a bit more difficult than others. It's these days where I feel like I can't quiet the part of my mind that's constantly reminding me of all the problems I had, I have and that will confront me once the lock down will come to an end. Then sometimes it's just days where boredom kills the rest of what one could call a structured day leaving me in a state of lethargy and unwillingness of doing anything that could brighten up my day. On these days it feels like all the distractions that usually keep me away from dealing with myself aren't working and I'm sitting in front of a mirror forced to reflect upon my self.
I'm sure some of you people watching can relate to what I'm trying to deliver with this short film. Eventually days like these come to an end too and with every day that has come to an end comes also a new day that might be less shitty than the one before.

Shot on a Sony A7III using a Samyang 35mm 1.4, Nikkor 50mm 1.8 and a Nikkor 85mm 1.8.

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Song (Strangeways by Igor Dvorkin; Duncan Pittock; Ellie Kidd) from Audio Network.

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