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Minute Music Video #3 - Overnight

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I was most excited to make this week’s video by a longshot. “Overnight” by Maggie Rogers was my most played song of 2019 for more reasons than I can really explain. It accompanied me on every flight looking over new cities and landscapes, my first solo adventures around New York, late night drives through Los Angeles, and in my bunk during my first time on tour. More change than I have yet found the ability to fully process, but good change nonetheless.
Of all the times I could’ve chosen to jump into a pool or a stream of snow-melt; of course I chose the middle of January, but one of my favorite songs of all time demanded it. A visual encapsulation of what these past few years have felt like... abrupt changes in scenery, and watching myself grow through all of it.

Shoutout to my good friend Tyler Paxton for graciously lending me his pool and towels, and Bradley Sakul for assisting me as I flailed about a sub-freezing stream (you can see the snow on the ground in a few of the shots).

(If you didn’t notice, this one also loops perfectly…)
For the uninitiated, I made a promise to drop a brand new minute-long music video to songs I enjoy every Monday in January 2020. These are projects made solely for the purpose of having fun and just creating; No judgement or input from anyone else, no fear of being weird, and no time to personally critique. Just me translating whatever is in my head when I hear the sounds that inspire me.

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