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Making the Tiny Hostess Bakery

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It’s the delicious snack cakes we all know and love, now in tiny cereal form. But where did this tiny cereal come from? A tiny cereal bakery, obviously.

To launch the first ever cereal version of this iconic treat we paid homage to the warm nostalgia of the Hostess brand and gave the world a peek into the magical place they came from—a ‘working’ bakery of tiny proportions! Designed after the original 1950’s Hostess bakery; we mixed a little Wonka-like imagination with a lot of elbow grease, and The Tiny Hostess Bakery was born. Built at 1/12th scale, it features all the rich details of a real bakery including a working assembly line of tiny conveyor belts, a sugar-coating ‘powdering’ station, a whirling circular cooling station, and even a tiny break room!

We wanted to feel the richness and physicality of the bakery through the film, so we chose the more challenging route of modeling the entire thing by hand and shooting it practically. Each element, from the smallest bolt to the welcoming front facade, was 3D printed piece by piece, lovingly painted, electrically engineered, and meticulously assembled by hand! Three months, thousands of man-hours, and endless fun.

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