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Kambdawan - Documentary Prod. By Film Television Institut

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It is a film that introduces us to a tribal dance form, that is prone to change over time, and it questions about the future of the same. It’s 20 minutes long and is in Tribal Marathi with Subtitles - Documentary Project from the fourth semester (February 2020).

Team comprised of four students - Shikher Pal (Cinematography), Dhrubaraj Boro (Sound Recording and Design), Gulson Nayak(Director) and myself (Editor).

COMPENDIUM (Ideally to be read after watching):

Besides the craftwork and efforts by the Team, the involvement and dedication of so many more artists makes this film a really enriching experience. Gangaram, Sakaram and my favourite Kalu (The Drummer) are uncut gems. They carry this film on their shoulders.

Gulson (director) came up with this idea of commenting on the scenario as an outsider. It was an unanimous decision as Team to visit the place and understand things on field. When we went for the recce (Scout) we realised that the world was actually adulterating their tribal lifestyle and their art form gradually. But we weren’t pretty sure what will happen. So, we sticked to this idea of uncertainty and future. The film doesn’t comment whether it’s going to flourish or doom. We are just excited to bring this amazing form of art to more people, and how things have come a long way.

The making of the film was very memorable. Udadawane, is a remote place without Internet, Cellular service or any other urban facilities. One of the reasons the film came out so well is because we used to talk and work twenty four hours about the film during our stay. We had a small recce for three days initially - Celebrated Diwali with all the people there. We witnessed all their intimate rituals, way of life. Then came back and brainstormed ideas.

A month later, We shot for seven days on location. We had covered a lot of other things like Gram Panchayat Meetings, The Devrai (Temple) Rituals, Water Crisis in Village, Children, Phugdi - A Women Centric Dance Form that co-exists, Youth and Children and much more. But the best thing we did was that we stuck to our core subject. Off-work was even more fun. Taking bath in the falls, visiting valleys, beautiful sunrise sunsets, amazing weather, and most importantly gold hearted people! They were so happy to be hosting us. We had definitely become more that just mere travellers.

To start with, we had eighteen hours of material for a Twenty Minute Film. I loved the editing process. I had only read that a Documentary is made completely on the edit table. But this experience was completely out of the box. Those fifteen days were so amazing for me. I was completely amazed at myself! I narrowed down to this idea of a concert film kind of treatment. And I had a blast! Amazing dopamine release! I was really excited to arrange multiple layers to make the magic more enriching experience. The ending of the film was the only thing where the director and the team didn’t have an argument on.

It was well received, appreciated by peers. Dhurbaraj’s flawless craft, Shikher’s amazing camera language, and of course the Director’s vision, everything just came together so well (along with the incredible art of the editor).

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