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1. FEEL YOUR EMOTION - Holding your painful feelings can have negative effect. Take time to name the emotion, be it anger, sadness, fear or shame. Take time to process your feelings. If you try to fix or move past to your disappointment before knowing how you feel, you may act rashly.

2. ACCEPT WHAT HAPPENED - It will be harder to move forward if you blame yourself or others or pretend that what happened didn't matter or didn't happen. Write down or reflect on everything that happened, what lead it and what the consequences were.

3. PRACTICE POSITIVE REFRAMING - Practice positive reframing is all about discovering the positive situation even failure. Failure presents you with an opportunity to learn until you get it right. Try using humor to encourage yourself when you are down. HUMOR is a key component of resilience.

4. IDENTIFY NEGATIVE THOUGHT PATTERNS - When you notice these kind of thoughts arise question. Ask yourself, “Is this really true?”. Look for the evidence for and against these. Learn to identify some common negative thought patterns so you can diffuse them.

5. STOP RUMINATING OVER THE FAILURE - Try journaling to put your obsessive thinking to rest. Use mindful meditation to bring you back to the present. Mindful meditation helps you step worrying about what happened in the past and focus on the here and now.

6. ADDRESS THE CAUSE OF THE FAILURE - Think about possible solutions you could have put into action, and what their consequences would have been. Come in with some idea of where you may have failed, and with questions for future improvement.

7. SET REALISTIC GOALS - What would you like to see happen next? What sort of actions on your part could the make success earlier? Once you have worked through the causes of your past disappointment, work on setting a more realistic goal for the future. Check with people you trust to measure the realism of your new goal.

8. PRACTICE MENTAL CONTRASTING - Strike a balance between a optimistic thinking & realistic planning by practing mental contrasting. Recognizing the obstacles between you and your goals should not considered negative or unhealthy thinking. The exercises of mental contrasting will help you to learn not to cling to unobtainable goals.

9. CHANGE YOUR APPROACH - Avoid repeating the same mistakes. Your new approach should not include any of the strategies that may have caused your last approach to fait. Creating Plan B, even well-executes approaches can fail due to foreseen complications. Make sure you re-enter the fray with solid back up plan.

10. TRY AGAIN - You are learning as you go, and a natural part of this process is to adjust and tweak your approach. Whether you achieve your goal or have to try again, you will have achieved a higher level of resiliency.

Hello everyone :) For those who didn't understand or heard what i say in the video, i hope some notes above that i type will help you to understand and give you an accurate infomation to have better understanding on my topic.

PS: please forgive me about my speaking skills, pronounciation of some words ( so bad ) I already try my best but i wasn't good enough haha lol thank you for watching!!!! TAKE CARE !!!!

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