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Holdfast Whistle

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Training or Safety Tool.

My family and I are amateur hikers. And, one of the items I always carry with me while hiking is a loud whistle. I started using this tool when my kids were very young and realized that if I gave them space to run and play while hiking but needed to communicate quickly, a whistle was the perfect tool for that. One chirp meant look at me, two chirps meant get back to me immediately. Of course, we’ve added our dog Ranger to the family who is trained on the whistle as well. Over the years I’ve collected many whistles and finally realized I needed to make my own!

Therefore, I started to think about how I would design a whistle. First of all, my whistle should be LOUD with the ability to cut through the noise of different environments. Secondly, durability is key. Something that will withstand the tests of time. Last by not least, this whistle of course has to be fun in order to fit within my core design pillar of form and functionality. With those specifications in mind, we developed the perfect whistle. A tri-flute design which hits 3 frequencies that will cut through surrounding noises in order to be heard through most conditions. The HF whistle is a solid piece design with a single insert that can withstand serious abuse and not be damaged or corroded while out in the elements.

And if you look closely you will notice the resemblance of one of the most iconic light sabers of all time which actually provides a very grippy and non-slip surface for handling this whistle. As you guys know, HF likes to have fun with designs and what is better than taking cues for a sky walker?

The HF whistle comes with a clip installed so that you can clip this to your MoneyMaker D ring, your belt loop or key ring. Keep this tool handy for safety, survival and/or training.


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