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Supercut video assignment for 4-D Art Class at MSU Denver. All materials sampled in this work are purely for creative non-profit purposes and will be removed at the owner's request. Artist Statement: Much like many Americans, I am struggling. I made this work to be light, and remind you that there will always be time to play. I wanted to make a piece about protests and police violence, but every time I opened my mouth it didn’t feel right. Instead, I landed on a piece about hands, and touch- something which is lately so sacred and even dangerous. I chose not to change the native audio because some of these handshakes slap! For this piece, my intention was to make the viewer smile. It was also to make me smile. My goal as an artist to share a vision I have with the people I love. It sounds crazy but I do a lot of illustration work with friends bringing their ideas to life. It’s a really fun way to create community and build bonds outside of the normal route. This piece was created on my own but is about partnership, friendship, and joy. In that in maybe ties in with previous work I’ve done. I am most proud of my new skillset- this wasn’t terribly hard and I can tell I’m making progress. Videos Sampled: Learn Super Cool "Secret" Handshake Haley Dempsey How To Give A Homie Handshake Videojug Secret Handshakes #1 - Koo Koo Kanga Roo burpy burpy Best Handshake of All-Time RogerProductions Boy Meets World - Shawn and Cory Secret Handshake Greeting / Happy Dance haribhari Teacher Has Incredible Handshakes With Each Student | ABC News ABC News

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