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Exercise after a Breast Lift: Whats the Timeline?

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It's super common to wonder when you'll get back to the gym after a breast lift—so, let's find out!

In this educational (AND fun!) Amelia Academy video, Jenny and Jess walk you through what to expect for your breast lift recovery timeline, and when you'll be back to the gym!

Ready to start learning? Let's go!

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A lot of ladies wonder when can I
go back to the gym after my breast lift?
Because for a lot of people they have
been really preparing themselves
for this transformation and they want to get back to the gym as soon as possible.
So, usually when women have a breast lift,
we ask that they kind of refrain from the gym for about six weeks.
It's a hard ask trust me, I know. I'm personally somebody who loves the gym
and you are all into yogi and all that stuff.
I like being upside down.
You know, but we do ask that you wait for six weeks
at least to do any sort of weighted exercises,
anything that really activates your pectoral muscles,
really anything that you're using a lot of upper body strength.
What about cardio?
Well, cardio you want to ease into
and so I remember when I had mine done I think around week two I started to ease myself into cardio.
I'm out the best listener to rules
but nonetheless like I did ease into it
because there was no way after I did my augmentation that I was
going to be able to full fledge run a marathon
right out of the gate.
So when it comes to cardio you want to kind of ease yourself into it
whenever it comes to anything a little bit more plyometric, a little bit more upper-body strength.
You really want to wait six weeks before you start to jump in.
And I had a lift here so
and all I did is yoga,
so I didn't have to worry about the cardio aspect or plyo whatever you just said,
so I waited the six weeks before I felt comfortable doing yoga
because a lot of it is using your chest muscles
and being upside down if you have like stitches you don't want to be upside down too soon.
So the six week mark was right for me too.
So really work out before surgery, get all of it in
because I know that when people can't work out
for six weeks they’re like, oh my God, my endorphins they're gonna be so low.
Don't worry, you'll be happy bec

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