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Episode 3 - Steel Blaze

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Support is an audio-based, podcast-style project featuring several individuals’ ideas and experiences with emotional support animals and service animals. This project is intended to shed light on the difference between service animals and emotional support animals -- a line which is often blurred. Surine hopes Support will help clear the air. Collaborators for Support include Destin Beaumont, Jaycie Cohen, Christina Wagner, Brianna Pape, Wendy Hartman, Angela Surine, Happi Campbell, Ngaio Warrington, Meggie Price, and Taylor Peters.
Artist Statement

I am intrigued by sound. I love to listen.

As an artist, I try to keep my curiosity at the forefront of what I’m making. My entire creative portfolio is an act of exploration. I tend to play around with some basic material and try to figure out how to make each small bit go together, whatever those things are. They may be MIDI stems, studio recordings, field recordings, or something else entirely. As I learn new software, hardware, and ideas, I am in a constant state of evolution. The versions of audio art that I loved five years ago are not the same ones I love today. The simplistic musical stylings of Barney the Dinosaur don’t get me quite hyped up anymore like complex production on alternative rock music or watching for a sound to be slightly off sync on The Office.

At 21 years old, I am still learning things about myself—my personality is still forming and taking shape. The same goes for my art. What I hope an audience can take away from any piece of mine is a sense of adventure. For me, life is an adventure: exploring as much of the world of audio as possible is an adventure, and college itself is an adventure. My pieces reflect different parts of my life. One piece may be about or inspired by mental health while another one may be inspired by how happy I was to get my puppy. There are things that I love and things that I hate, but that is what makes it an adventure.

As I continue on this journey of self-exploration, I hope to continue to delve deeper into audio and make things to show my personal journey. I hope that someone is able to find their own spirit of adventure again through my work. Life is way too short to be bored with ourselves. So, let’s find what is still fun. Let’s explore.

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