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Day of the Deadlift (325 lb x 5) |

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Play, download and edit the free video Day of the Deadlift (325 lb x 5) |

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"Aleks, do you ever train with barbells?"


I think the barbell (as well as the dumbbell) is an excellent tool and it absolutely has a place in the training of those whose goals align with what the barbell does best: allow you to lift super heavy for very few reps.

But make ye no mistake, friendo: maxing out in your heavy lifts - as fun as it is - can exact a pretty gnarly toll on your body if you have not laid down a proper training and movement base.

This is one of the reasons why I love kettlebells and calisthenics so much.

Unlike the barbell, they complement the natural movements of your body and make it easier for you to develop your body the way it was made to move and perform, rather than locking it into strict and rigid patterns that can ultimately leave you feeling more brittle than brutal.

The takeaway:

If you like barbell training, lift away. But don't neglect your kettlebells, calisthenics, and natural movement training as well!

On that note, if you like training that:

· Gives you more strength than it takes from you
· Improves your stamina and resilience simultaneously
· Powers-up every nook, cranny, crevice, and corner of your Soft Machine

Then you just might like my 9-Minute Kettlebell and Bodyweight Challenge.

As the name indicates, it’s just 9 minutes long, and it’s designed to be done WITH your current workouts – NOT instead of them.

Even cooler:

Many find that it actually amplifies their strength in their favorite kettlebell and bodyweight moves, like presses, squats, pullups, and more.

And best of all, it’s free.

How free?

I’m talkin’ freer than the 4th of July, my friend.

Get thee thine own copy here:

Have fun and happy training!

Aleks Salkin

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