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Day 8

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‘Back-To-Business’ Program:

Day 8

Are you ready to step it up a notch? Today, I want you to get uncomfortable!! Hahhahaha, don’t worry. It won’t be that bad. I show you two options: one for more advanced HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) seekers and another for a more mellow approach.

The idea is to truly get a bit out of breath. Push your cardio vascular limits a little. Get out of your comfort zone and feel what it’s like to get a little challenged (again, don’t worry, it’s not that bad I promise).

I feature a bunch of different moves per option. Pick 1, 2 or more moves and do what you can. Listen to your body. All I want is for you to feel your body’s response to being pushed slightly.

As mentioned in Day 1: If you have any questions or need modifications for whatever reason, please reach out to me (go to ‘contact’ on the I’m here for you!

Option 1

� Pick the Version that suits you best or pick more than one!

1️⃣ Side Shuffle: go side to side, whatever your space allows, until you get really out of breath.

2️⃣ Suicides: pick 3 target points. Run to target 1 then back to the start. Run to target 2 then back to the start. Run to target 3 then back to the start. Take a break and reverse it. Target 3 to start, then 2 to start then 1 to start. I’m sure some of you remember this well from PT class way back when!

3️⃣ Air Squat Jumps: do as many as you can until you get out of breath.

SUGGESTION: if you want to work harder, do 5 min of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio of your choice like jogging, light biking, elyptical etc etc. then do move 1. Back to 5 min LISS. Move 2. Back to 5 min LISS. Move 3. Back to 5 min LISS. Then add the entire OPTION 2 segment, ALL versions! Ha... you asked for it!

Option 2

� Pick the Version that suits you best or pick more than one!

1️⃣ Step Ups: do 15-20 reps starting with the right leg. Then 15-20 starting with the left leg. Use a low box, medium or even high bench. Whichever suits your body. Add weights if you are able. If you do so, go as heavy as you can handle to challenge your body a little.

2️⃣ Thrusters: 15-20 reps. Do Bodyweight only if that is challenging enough or add weights if you are able. Lisa is using 8lbs weights. Get up onto the toes if you can or keep the feet flat on the ground. If you are able, make it plyo. That means add a jump as you thrust the weights up.

3️⃣ Repeaters: a step class classic! Use the highest bench you can handle. Add weights if you are able. 15-20 reps per side. Make it plyo (jump up as you pull up the knee) if you can.

4️⃣ Split Lunge Tricep Kicks: 15-20 per side. Kicking up the weights as you stand up is easier than kicking the weights up as you lunges down. Pick whichever you can handle. She’s using 5lbs weights.


Get in your closet and find a piece of clothing you absolutely LOVE but can’t fit in at the moment. Try it on once a week starting today. Then try it on again every week, until it fits again.

You WILL wear it again! You can do this! Because you LOVE it and if you WANT it, you can MAKE IT HAPPEN.


Have Fun Team

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