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Breast Lift Results: How Long Do They Last?

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There's a rumor out there that you'll need a new breast lift every 10 years if you want to maintain your results...So, is it true?

In this educational (AND fun!) Amelia Academy video, Jenny and Gretta get to the bottom on this breast lift rumor and give you the truth on how long your breast lift results will last.

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So when it comes to a breast lift, is there an expiration date?
Is it after 5 years or 10 years
my results are just gonna go flat?
We’ve for whatever reason heard,
especially with a breast lift, that people think
you might need to get them every ten years or so.
That is definitely not true. Most people have a breast lift
and enjoy their results the rest of their life.
However, no plastic surgery stops the aging process
so gravity and aging are still a thing.
They're not going to be up here when you're 90 years old,
but they will be significantly higher and rounder
and your nipples will be repositioned
for the rest of your life after a lift.
Now if you go on to gain a hundred pounds
and then you breastfeed on top of that
that's gonna affect your breasts and your breast tissue.
So keep in mind there are different scenarios out there
that will affect your breast tissue
but there is no expiration or hard and fast
at the 10 year mark, you're going to need a lift. It's not like that.

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