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Breast Implants: How Much Should They Cost?

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It's a given that you'll want to know how much breast implants cost—so, let's talk about it!

In this educational (AND fun!) Amelia Academy video, Jenny and Gretta walk you through what getting breast implants at Amelia Aesthetics costs today, and everything included in that price.

Ready to start learning? Let's go! ��

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I'm sure a lot of us are wondering well, “How much do implants cost?”
Because if we're being honest, cost is really important to people. But here at Amelia Aesthetics,
we want to tell you how much our implants cost right now and why.
Yep. Because it varies. I'm not sure if you've been looking around, but you can call
up and down the East Coast
or West Coast and find really different prices… which gets really confusing.
Because you wonder what you're paying for.
Our cost is $6,800 for everything you would
need, and that's really important to ask because a lot of times if you hear a cheap price,
it probably doesn't include all of the things necessary like anesthesia.
Yeah, that's important. Yeah,
and also a lot of the cheaper cost you might see around the place, that doesn't
mean you're getting the highest quality implant that's out there. A lot of
times they're probably cutting corners
and getting like older generations silicone implants,
which aren't the best. Yep. They might have less of a warranty,
or a higher rupture rate, or things like that.
We only use the newest or fifth generation implants
included in all of ours. It includes all of the anesthesia
and surgery in our private accredited surgery facility.
That's really important. A lot of places
don't offer that, and it's less safe
and less private and so that's really important that's included. The little bra
you go home with, all of your visits that you would need.
Everything is included in our price of $6,800.
I love that bra. It is a good bra to go home with.

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