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Blaster Master Intro Remake - DP

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This is a short FAN FILM tribute that we created for fun. The classic 1988 Nintendo game Blaster Master brought us so much joy as kids that we thought it would be a fun idea to recreate one of our favorite video game intros. This 8-bit intro in particular stuck with us because of the infectious music and abstract story. How awesome would it be having a pet frog jump out of your window, onto a radioactive box, which leads to discovering a futuristic tank underground?

What started off as a small doable side project, slowly evolved into many more hours, weekends, and years than we had originally anticipated. We bonded as kids while playing the game, and then we bonded as adults while creating a tribute to the game. We are so grateful and thankful for all of the super talented people that helped us make this fan project come to life. We are very excited to finally share it.

We must first thank all of the original creators of the 1988 NES game developed and published by Sunsoft. Game directors: Hiroaki Higashiya and Koichi Kitazumi. Game Designer: Kenji Sada. And Game Composer, Naoki Kodaka for one of the most memorable video game themes. Thank you for the endless joy and inspiration.



Jason: played by Josh Brodis


Producer: Miranda Sajdak
Director of Photography: Alper Nakri
Costume Design: Kenneth J. Hall / Total Fabrication
First Assistant Camera: Bridge Stuart
Gaffer: Luis Guizar
Key Grip: Mike Litzenberg
Make-Up Artist: Angie Johnson
Set VFX Supervisor: Hiroshi Endo
Set Construction: Marvin Leiva
Set Photography: Ariana Natale
Set photography: Cris Kong
Camera Rentals: Billy Civitella / Stray Angel Films
Set Location: Luis Guizar / Civic Center Studios
Special Thanks: Seth Kleinberg, Carly Cylinder, Ash Wagers

Visual Effects:

VFX Supervisor / Modeling / Animation / Compositing: Troy Barsness
VFX Supervisor / Modeling / Animation / Compositing: Benjamin Mattern
3D Modeler / Animator: Eric Keller
3D Modeler / Animator: Kiel Figgins
3D Modeler: Matthew Bell
3D Modeler: Kyung Park
3D Modeler: Marcus Garcia
3D Modeler: Max Ulichney
3D Animator: Neil T. Kirby
Roto Artist: Dan Robinson
Compositor: Cris Kong
Compositor: George Antonopoulos
Compositor: Sam Jorgensen
Flame Artist: Brendan Crockett
Colorist: Gabriel Sanchez
Title Designer: Heebok Lee
Composer: Michael Gordon Shapiro

Creators: Alexander Sanchez, Chris Sanchez, Gabriel Sanchez


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